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Wood is hydroscopic. It will absorb and expel moisture based on its environment. Because of this nature of wood the floor must be able to expand in all directions. The floor must be able to expand and contract on all four sides.

It is imperative all floors must have expansion gaps of at least 15 MM around the entire perimeter of the floor. Adequate gaps must be provided around pipes or thresholds. Without this precaution, the floor will move and have nowhere to go. This will cause extreme level of pressure pushing upwards and outwards thus lifting the flooring up.

Wooden moldings are fixed not to the wooden floor but to the base floor to cover the gap. It is very important for the sub surface should be dry, clean and free from all impurities. The floor has to be smooth and flat. Installation should be done at last after the paint, polish, commissioning of air conditioner is completed.

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